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What is Flocking

Flocking is the application of thousands of nylon fibres, which are electrostatically charged and applied to an earthed adhesive,The fibres are vertically attracted into the adhesive, therefore giving a fabric like finish to the object.

Nylon Flock is the most widely used, and most are heat resistant to 220 degrees. It comes in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and colours, ranging from 0.25mm to 10mm. A shorter flock will give a velvet like finish, and is neat and easy to care for. A longer flock provides a bristle like finish, and is known to be used for hardwearing surfaces that are used often.

What is flock used for?

As an automotive application, Flock was applied to dashboards of cars, to reduce the glare of the sun, you will find many race and rally cars with flocked interiors. It also acts as an insulator and provides sound deadening. Due to the nature of the application. Most surfaces can be flocked, from Alloy wheels to your bedside lamps, anything is possible!

Is the flocking process reversible?

No in most instances the preparation process requires us to flatten down surfaces to give us a smooth and clean start.

How do I care for my flock?

We recommend that the soft brush tool from any household hoover is adequate to keep a clean surface, in cases of spills and stains, a light wash with warm soapy water .

How durable is flock?

Very durable, flock is hard wearing and the finish is heat resistant up to 120ᵒ.

Will my flock fade?

Like any textile subjected to long periods of sunshine flock will fade, but this can be prevented by using a sunscreen or parking out of the sun.

Can my flock be re-flocked?

Yes it can but longer preparation is required.

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